Thierry Martino

Charoite: a rare stone to turn vapor into symbol

”New York’s most unique vape shop” Vapeya, innovative concept of vape shop expert in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in New York. Founded by Jordy Trachtenberg one of the biggest fan of Thierry Martino creations for more than ten years.     Vapeya shop, the best place to discover and enjoy the ”vape culture”   ____________________________________   To thank […]

Thierry Martino invited at Barbeline Magazine

Barberline the French and international culture and sub-culture web magazine met Thierry Martino for a private interview directed by Mehdi Sotot.   To read the interview: Thierry Martino in Barberline Magazine Web: Barberline Magazine / Photo: Julien Lachaussée 

SoulFetish® the leather next to the skin

Mr Khing, craftsman at SoulFetish®.  __________________________ Precious stones or solid silver, the brand has already proven its technic and its appetite for materials processing. Thierry Martino, SoulFetish® Artistic Director and  also Artisan Jeweler has ever drew attention on his desire to start doing leather at his own place ‘‘Making our own leather items is one […]

Le Monde

We are pleased to read in the well-known French newspaper LE MONDE an article on SoulFetish. Thierry Martino tells us his story, his experience and his projects.

PRPS Jeans and Thierry Martino

Simplicity is absolutely not an easy thing to reach… You discover your taste, design your look and get, with time, what really suits you best.

Ten years after: I can’t keep from crying

One of my first LP when I was child.

Nick Drake- Riverman

TM : Nick Drake. That is the kind of stuff I like to listen when I need to calm down and think . 1969 is the year this album was recorded it is also my favorite year when it’s about music and cars

Amy Winehouse “Valerie” live

I have no words to describe this video.Never been a big fan of the drunken cutie but this made me change my mind about her talent. We lost one of the best bluesy voice of all the times.


Muddy Waters : Mannish boy

Thierry Martino : It’s at the age of 22 when in the navy that I really discovered the spirit of blues. I was stuck in Brest Britanny . During winter times it could rain during months without a piece of blue sky. Some friends were playing guitar, after I heard Muddy Water first tape , I picked up an harmonica at the music store and it was it. We were drinking cold beers smoking weed everynight and playing the blues.

SoulFetish gallery: The temple of the artist

SoulFetish needed a chiaroscuro gallery in order to exhibit its jewelry and this is how the Bangkok show-room was born