Watercolor inspired jewelry

Jewelry collection inspired by Willie G. Davidson watercolor painting. Made of the finest materials under the guidance of jewelry designer Thierry Martino. Exclusive to the Harley-Davidson Museum. Since our licence with HarleDavidson is over we cannot take anymore orders. Please contact your H-D® dealer or the museum for remaining items on stock.   HERE   […]

The Cross Collection

Credit Photo Ralph Wenig The cross is a symbol so representative for our human kind, not necessarily because of its religious significance, but more because it is deeply rooted in our conscience. For Christians, the world began with the birth of Jesus Christ, the cross being the representation of the Holy Trinity on Earth. Many […]


Among the regular jewelry offered by us, you will notice the Bulldog Collection, containing particular accessories with the mug of a bulldog recreated in silver. Choosing a bulldog for our collection was not random or by chance. In fact, SoulFetish has Mojo, Thierry Martino’s Bulldog, our daily companion and mascot. He makes us smile every […]