SoulFetish needed a chiaroscuro gallery in order to exhibit its jewelry and this is how the Bangkok show-room was born.

As an alchemical athanor, it is where the heat of inspiration that precedes the realization of ideas and models, is concentrated.  It is where the brand name is established and where the work is finally displayed to the world.

With a desire for harmony, it will be established by scrupulously following the manufacturing process of the jewelry brand.


All plans are executed under Thierry Martino’s supervision as they are entirely designed by him.

The interior architecture was fully made by the factory workers from the ceiling to the wooden floor.  The artist himself affixed his signature by taking care of the painting and the finishing of the patina.

The furniture is clouded in Asian markets or custom-made and then completely reworked on at the workshop.  The frames, such as hinges or handles, are designed according to the patterns from the brand collections and produced following the same jewelry procedures.  They are exceptional works of art.


A real fun project without time limit, and Thierry Martino’s attention to detail will always push him on going further.  Light fixtures, candles, incense, hangers, all of it made by SoulFetish artists who showed their autodidact talents.  Outside help was not required for the accomplishment of this precious setting.


-“I have long dreamed of this place but was hesitant on its location.  I finally thought that next to our workshops, near the source, was the ideal place.  Having this showroom was necessary for my inspiration, to receive customers and friends but mostly to have as a decoration model for our actual and future stores.  All its components can be reproduced on demand.”


Curiosity will reveal the designer’s inspirations throughout your visit.  Look up and you’ll discover ornaments of Gothic influence, cross the smoke rings from a chiselled metallic burning incense and down a few steps to find yourself in a dark atmosphere of an alchemical study.  Go back up and under the watchful eye of the silver bulldog that will collect the undesirable, get comfortable in the large white leather armchairs studded with SoulFetish jewelry.


Library path; the fan of unsettled freedom and the introverted surfer are both given stability from the alchemist.  It allows busy entrepreneurs to escape.  It’s all there.

Refusing trend directives and only following his intuition, Thierry Martino creates a timeless and human temple, a space of exchange outside contemporary worries.

If you knock on the heavy old teak door decorated with chrome stars and ask for him, that’s where you’ll find him, in the serenity of this cozy and surprising place contrasting with the chaotic streets of the city.  If you’re lucky, the designer will give you a personalized visit, a privilege reserved to the followers of the Skullaurier brand.  But be careful once the threshold is crossed, you will feel so good that it’ll be very hard to leave.