Leather1*Mr Khing, craftsman at SoulFetish®.


Precious stones or solid silver, the brand has already proven its technic and its appetite for materials processing.
Thierry Martino, SoulFetish® Artistic Director and  also Artisan Jeweler has ever drew attention on his desire to start doing leather at his own place ‘‘Making our own leather items is one of my dream for many years’’. Thierry Martino
Since 2008 the first leather collection was emerging under the keen eye of the creator. He called upon the most skilled craftsmen to deliver with requirement, bases of jewelry carefully assemble by himself.

– “Making our own leather items is one of my dream for many years”. Thierry Martino


His envy, which was to integrate a leather manufacturing workshops to SoulFetish® finally taking shape today thanks to Mr. Khing, Asian high-level craftsman, decided to invest the way of creation to a well marked imprint brand.



leather2New models from SoulFetish® collection.


Entirely handmade SoulFetish® leather is selected for its strength and finesse. It is an extension of the pieces and a holder that has established itself as a worthy development of silver or stones.
Bracelets, wallets or jewelry and leather alloys; this warm and animal material give the opportunity to a thousand creations and to the boundless energy of its maestro.
The belt “Soulcross” and pure black leather-based or model “Skullaurier” are an example of the duo “leather-silver” enthusiastically welcomed by SoulFetish® customers.
Leather goods or daily accessories… Thierry Martino is determined to make this noble material a true inspiration for future collections …
Another assembly on the workshop table and witnesses of a long-term shaping … The SoulFetish® leather conceals treasures in progress … Stay tuned.