The designer’s interview by Marc Schultz

Get into the designer’s univers and understand the fears and the passions that leads to unique handmade creations.

-“The most important is the first step, the first step you’re gonna make to dare to do your first piece….” Thierry Martino.


Thierry Martino in his private showroom through an interview conceived, filmed and edited by Marc Schultz.




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Thierry Martino invited at Barbeline Magazine

Barberline the French and international culture and sub-culture web magazine met Thierry Martino for a private interview directed by Mehdi Sotot.   To read the interview: Thierry Martino in Barberline Magazine Web: Barberline Magazine / Photo: Julien Lachaussée 

The soul of Thierry Martino

What is the best moment of the day?
– «The best moment of the day is when I arrive at work and the day can start. It is a special feeling, linked to the creativity…