Among the regular jewelry offered by us, you will notice the Bulldog Collection, containing particular accessories with the mug of a bulldog recreated in silver. Choosing a bulldog for our collection was not random or by chance. In fact, SoulFetish has Mojo, Thierry Martino’s Bulldog, our daily companion and mascot. He makes us smile every […]

SoulFetish® the leather next to the skin

Mr Khing, craftsman at SoulFetish®.  __________________________ Precious stones or solid silver, the brand has already proven its technic and its appetite for materials processing. Thierry Martino, SoulFetish® Artistic Director and  also Artisan Jeweler has ever drew attention on his desire to start doing leather at his own place ‘‘Making our own leather items is one […]

Joshua Hideki

Meet Joshua Hideki, a great SoulFetish enthusiast from Japan.

Geneva’s opening

We are pleased to inform you SoulFetish has now its own store in Geneva. Come and visit this amazing shop!

Yuki Hattori

Meet Yuki Hattori, from Japan. One of the first SoulFetish enthusiast.

Amy Winehouse “Valerie” live

I have no words to describe this video.Never been a big fan of the drunken cutie but this made me change my mind about her talent. We lost one of the best bluesy voice of all the times.


HANYA : a story behind the SoulFetish ring

Hanya is one of the star of SoulFetish, part of the Lust collection, the ring is a best seller since it’s launch.Today, Thierry Martino is going to explain how he got his inspiration to create this beauty, and what’s the story hidden behind it. I have been in Japan many times and visited Tokyo, Kyoto […]

Black, white and red: the colours of SoulFetish

The SoulFetish colour scheme is limited to black and white with a few touches of red. From the SoulFetish website to the showroom and packaging, there is no exception to the harmony of this rule.

The Laurel Skull : New logo for SoulFetish

In 2012 we decided to invigorate SoulFetish with a new energy. This work began with the development of a new logo in order to best illustrate our philosophy and to create a lasting impression in all hearts and minds.

La Maison SoulFetish

Discover “SoulFetish” world and its creator Thierry Martino. Visit SoulFetish new gallery and showroom, explore the new collections, understand Thierry Martino’s inspirations, and share some jewelry making secrets.