How did the idea for the new logo come about ?

In 2012 we decided to invigorate SoulFetish with a new energy. This work began with the development of a new logo in order to best illustrate our philosophy and to create a lasting impression in all hearts and minds.

In the studio we sculpted a skull out of wax, which I presented to Jean Chicoteau, graphic designer and associate director of Artkas, Paris.

We shared our respective visions, discussing these at length before bringing into being our new emblem : the laurel crowned skull.


What does it represent?

Outlined in black or white, it is made up of two elements which both bear an important symbolic value.

The skull has always held a fascination for me, which is why it is often found illustrated in the SoulFetish collections. It has been my companion since early childhood… It certainly frightened my mother ! And so, in doing this, satisfied my already rebellious spirit.

Later on, the skull also allowed me to identify myself within the world of bikers, which holds an important part in my life.

With the experience of many years, the skull, an incontestable symbol of impermanence, has gained more depth. It has become a witness from beyond the grave, the conscience of my expired alter ego, who constantly reminds me : « I was what you are, and you will become what I am.» However until then, presently, to what use are you putting your talents ?

All is possible within this vessel of bone, everything occurs within its walls, leaving me dizzy at the thought. It is home to my thoughts, this aspatial and timeless haven where I imagine the future and relive the past.

Indeed, one day I will be as you are but until then, I live and create.

And what of the laurel boughs ?

Laurels are representative of exaltation and victory, as well as the peace and harmony rediscovered in the wake of the tumult of battle.

The laurel, Apollo’s tree, represents purified blood in memory of his first love, Daphne, transformed into a laurel tree by her father.

The poets, in memory of this drama, bore laurels during the narration of their latest creations and Freud made of it one of his numerous maternal symbols.

In the middle ages, a laurel crown along with its berries was placed upon the heads of graduand doctors, which in turn lent its name to the most well known French examination : the baccalaureate (bacca : berry, laurea : laurels).


However, the image of the laurels I believe to be the strongest is that of Julius Caesar’s, revisited much later by Napoleon Bonaparte. In the event of a victory, the laurel crown was held above Caesar’s head by a slave, who chanted « Memento mori », « Momento Mori », « remember that you are mortal. » The imperior at his zenith, so close to the final realisation of his dream of conquests, paraded in his livery amongst carts filled with loot, justifying the hardships of the wars undertaken to his relieved audience. ( Roman Triumph )

He died before having realised his goal, but it is this very ambition which brought him to such accomplishment.

These laurels, Caesar, remind you to make the most of the present day, for you will inevitably end as this skull, be you a slave or an emperor, the fatefulness of death unites all living beings.

Why can we not rely on our laurels?

The laurel crown represents the wisdom and humility associated with heroism, and while its significance is great, its life is fleeting. One must undertake unceasing work in order to obtain a new laurel crown.

This is why I have selected the laurel crowned skull to become the new logo. It represents all of the work accomplished with my fantastic team in order for the SoulFetish creations to outstay my mortal condition and endure on.

After all, why is Caesar immortal ? It is because his œuvre has prevailed in his place.

Article by Frederique Morel for Revolia.