Opening Verona Store

Interview by GotU May 5th 2015 – Bangkok

On May 1st, Thierry Martino and his brother Laurent inaugurated the first SoulFetish® shop in Italy, more precisely in Verona.

In Verona (cf. A new store in Verona, 28th April post), a new secretive SoulFetish® address is born.
The place can be described as somewhere out of time where the world of the brand is fully revealed. The full collection is available.

The initial feeling when discovering the place is a sense of privacy and serenity. Smoked plaster walls are adorned with original silver cornices. The room wears a tight black canvas tent. New furniture and objects involved in the decoration have been custom made (currently available to order in the catalog of the franchises). The set has a contemporary and sensual baroque charm. The colors are those of the brand: black; white and red.

Out of the darkness, the only stars shining are those from the “origin of light”: the creations of Thierry Martino, designer of the SoulFetish® jewelry.


The inauguration has attracted some 150 guests, friends and customers of hosts Milena Pastore and Claudio Campestrini, who came most often in pairs for this evening. The looks were impeccably casual, as only the Italians know how to be.

Thierry Martino came accompanied by his brother Laurent, Miss Vegas, the resident DJ of SoulFetish® who is well known on the European rock scene, and Ruben Paralli (Freekerstudio) artist and official photographer for the brand.

Thierry describe his views of a fantastic crowd of generous and sincere people. When asked about the question, he considers the new retail space as a culmination to the identity of the young franchise, and a model to follow. He is very proud of this achievement because it showcases the know-how of SoulFetish in its entirety.

– “Out of the darkness, the only stars shining are those from the “origin of light”: the creations of Thierry Martino, designer of the SoulFetish® jewelry”.


It’s on an air of Opera song that Thierry and his brother Laurent as well as the owners and friends, Claudio and Milena, lifted the red (necessarily) veil of this well kept mystery. In this solemn and even grandiose atmosphere some might say, the stunned guests ventured inside. Each was able to discover in a religious silence the exposed collections. The testimony of the book describes an experience out of the ordinary, almost mystical. Customers under the spell have not dried up praise. As a result of this extraordinary welcome, they have also spent a lot.

Then the evening continued in an atmosphere of celebration hosted by Miss Vegas’ mix: a set of Rhythm & Blues, oldies, Jazz, and Rock. Awesome pieces, strangely familiar and oddly impossible to identify, which is her trademark.


* In classical music, we call Italian aperture a kind of opening whose form, introduced in Italy in the 18th century by Alessandro Scarlatti, follows the following pattern, into three parts.