Interview by GotU March 27th 2015 – Bangkok

It is official, May 1st, a new SoulFetish® shop will be established in Verona, Italy.

This is the conclusion of an happy encounter between Thierry Martino, the couple Milena Pastore / Claudio Campestrini and the famous Harley-Davidson® dealers in Verona.


– “The style is baroque and precious, suggesting the mysticism of a curiosity cabinet.”


In 2008, when Thierry started producing under licence his first pieces for the Harley-Davidson® brand, they were among the first to buy them. Since, Claudio and Milena have become outstanding customers. These high-end jewelries perfectly fit to the selective taste of their clients.

When Milena and Claudio met Thierry, they discovered a passionate designer and they got along quickly really well. They fell in love with the SoulFetish® collections at first sight. First of all, they bought jewelries for themselves and soon collected them. Then, they had the good ideas to wear them at the shop, so customers could see them and asked for them: a constant flow of orders was established.


In 2012, Milena and Claudio express their interest to distribute the SoulFetish® jewelries under the trade. With Thierry and Laurent Martino they find the appropriate solution for the purchase of the franchise: an original choice as they will create a 40 square meters boutique inside the Harley-Davidson® store.

The decor fits the brand’s atmosphere, with displays from the SoulFetish® Catalog and others specially tailor-made. The style is baroque and precious, suggesting the mysticism of a curiosity cabinet.


– “These people are like us, passionate by life,by the work well done, by the others, we really appreciate them”
   Thierry Martino


– “These people are like us, passionate by life, by the work well done, by the others, we really appreciate them.
For me it is essential to have a connection with people who will sell the brand because SoulFetish® is more than jewelries: it is a state of mind.» When being asked on his choice of franchised: Thierry needs to make sure this connection happens before he goes any further.

For SoulFetish®,the opening of Verona is a major event because this the first creation of a shop in Italy (5th in Europe), a country which distinguished itself by its quality requirements, good taste and have a world renowned tradition in luxury craftmanship. A quality requirement which perfectly suits the brand.

The opening will take place in presence of many Italian and French personalities with several surprises.
Welcome and best wishes to our friends from Verona !

SoulFetish Verona
Via dell’Agricoltura,
3 Sommacampagna
+39 045 510174

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