Harley-davidson® jewelry by thierry martino 2008-2020



During the last decade, Thierry Martino and SoulFetish had designed and produced the only high end Harley-Davidson® silver jewelry collection ever. Since this licence is over it is now history.  Thousands of pieces are now collectors among the biker community.

You will find below some of the piece that made this collaboration a real unique odyssey .

Designed and crafted by bikers for bikers


Every year, Thierry Martino designs and creates a new collection in homage to Harley-Davidson®. Each new piece is made in honor of the H-D® legend and out of pride for the biker lifestyle, lovers of the beauties of Milwaukee. Thierry Martino grew up in the South of France, at a time when Japanese motorcycles dominated the market, and having a Harley® motorcycle made one stand out in the crowd, which did not displease Thierry. The long haired roughs of the 70’s and their noisy engines nourished this suburban child’s dreams of reckless freedom.


– “Each new piece is made in honor of the H-D® legend and out of pride for the biker lifestyle.”


The late 80’s gives introduction to the very first Harley® motorcycle, a 1200 Sportster® model, the first in a long series.In 1999, Thierry Martino creates the SoulFetish® brand and begins carving the first of his silver rings for himself and his biker friends. So, when in 2008 the «Motor Company» suggested he create jewelry for Harley-Davidson®, it was naturally the most gratifying day of his professional life. «Each collection is a renewed gesture in honor of the Harley® legend. It is always with pride that I represent through my jewelry the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders, a fraternity thirsting for freedom».




All Jewelry by Thierry Martino® was designed and crafted by bikers for bikers at SilverStudio Co., Ltd. Martino maintains a close eye over the entire artistic and metallurgical handmade process to ensure that all pieces of jewelry meet his high quality standard. Crafted from the finest raw materials available: it is casted using the latest technology, assembled and polished by hand and made of 94% sterling silver and 6% of special anti-tarnish fine alloy (Nickel free). Each piece is guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship.


– “Casted using the latest technology, assembled and polished by hand and made of 94% sterling silver.”


This warranty is void if the article of jewelry has been damaged by accident, negligence, unauthorized service or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship. If your product do not conform to his guarantee, SilverStudio shall repair or replace the defective products (contact your local dealer or ). Lifetime garantee does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear or abuse as determined by SilverStudio Co., Ltd. Silver plating jewelry is one year guaranty. More details on our website www.soulfetish.com


(Message sent to our customers after H-D® annoncement of non-reconduction of our licence contract.)

Dear Fellow H-D Dealers, dear Fellow Customers,

It is with great dismay that we learn in just a few weeks’ to its due date that our H-D Jewelry license agreement will not be renewed in 2020.

Whereas our objectives have always been achieved, with increasing figures, and we have opened dozens of new accounts in the USA, the continuation seemed obvious. This year we initiated a collaboration with the H-D Museum in Milwaukee through an event collection co-signed Willie “G “Davidson and Thierry Martino. This exclusive collection at the museum for 6 months, was to be sold from January 2020, to dealers at the same time as our new products. Another high-end HOG collection was also ready, it will never be produced.

Following the impact of this terrible news, we now realise the economic and human consequences for all of us.

As unbelievable as it may seem, this is the end of the adventure “Harley-Davidson Jewelry by Thierry Martino”.

In a few weeks, 10 years of creative work will disappear, and its with our heavy hearts that we will have to destroy all our moulds. Will be forever lost the almost 750 jewellery and accessory models from an exceptional catalogue rich of 3500 references patiently built seasons after seasons. A lot of these jewels that have become timeless classics of the biker world, proudly displaying their Bar & Shield will now be rare collectors….

It is with profound sadness that on behalf of the entire SilverStudio family, Ankhanang and Laurent Martino, the 25 people from the Bangkok workshop, the sales team Alex, Franck, Gilles, Alfie that I say “goodbye” to you. These ten years with you have been an exceptional experience, a privilege that few people are lucky enough to live. Personally, even if this end has a bitter taste, I would still be proud to have been able, for 10 years, to associate my name with that of the motorcycle brand that has never ceased to fascinate me since my childhood, the most legendary of all, “Harley-Davidson”, and to participate modestly, with my creations, in its fame.

Today we still have thousands of friends around the world and tens of thousands of jewellery sold that will continue to tell our story along the roads of life. We will always remain attached to our fellow H-D dealers and the biker community but it will never be the same again. We thank you one last time for your trust and support over the years. “The ride goes on”!

Thierry Martino

PS : We remain loyal to you and will continue to provide after-sales service.



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