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Opening Verona Store


On May 1st, Thierry Martino and his brother Laurent inaugurated the first SoulFetish® shop in Italy, more precisely in Verona. Verona (cf. A new store in Verona, 28th April post), a new secretive SoulFetish® address which was born. The place can be described as somewhere out of time where the world of the brand is fully […]

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Harley-Davidson® Jewelry Workshop in France

Two meetings which took place on April 25th and April 29th Thierry Martino’s wish was to meet clients and fans of the Harley – Davidson® brand and share his passion. The appearances of the creator being rare, it became the opportunity to create the event.  Thus the idea of his brother Laurent Martino of one […]

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Thierry Martino160X160

The Soul of Thierry Martino

What is the best moment of the day?
– «The best moment of the day is when I arrive at work and the day can start. It is a special feeling, linked to the creativity…

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About Soulfetish


Created in July 1999 by the prolific and artistic talent Thierry Martino, SoulFetish quickly established itself in the magnetic world of rock chic jewelry.

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SF Inner Circle

bela square

Bela Romandy: SoulFetish Innsbruck boutique Owner

I was born and grew up in Austria. And from early on I was interested in gemstones and jewelry…

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Ten years after: I can’t keep from crying

One of my first LP when I was child.

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