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Frank Margerin draws for Thierry Martino

Franck Margerin was in Poitiers (France) on Friday december,12 to sign his last comic: « Je veux une Harley ». He did a wonderful drawing for Thierry Martino…

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Socrates the rebel by SoulFetish

Socrates was a classical greek philosopher credited as one of the founders of western philosophy.
Here is Socrates by SoulFetish, engraved in the wax and then in silver for eternity.

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Rhinestone Electra Glide by Harley-Davidson®

Discover the Electra Glide: The Rhinestone Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

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About Soulfetish


Created in July 1999 by the prolific and artistic talent Thierry Martino, SoulFetish quickly established itself in the magnetic world of rock chic jewelry.

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SF Inner Circle

bela square

Bela Romandy: SoulFetish Innsbruck boutique Owner

I was born and grew up in Austria. And from early on I was interested in gemstones and jewelry…

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Ten years after: I can’t keep from crying

One of my first LP when I was child.

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