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SkullCandy ring by SoulFetish At SoulFetish we love skulls for their symbolism. In Mexican culture the brightly colored skulls represent joyful death. Once a year on October 31, the dead return to celebrate with the living. In the days leading up to the festivities, the confectioners prepare "calaveras" (or SkullCandy), according to belief, the dead will savor the essence of these dishes ... Octavio Paz in “The labyrinth of solitude. " wrote : “For the inhabitant of Paris, New York or London, death is that word you never say because it burns your lips. The Mexican, on the other hand, frequents her, mocks her, the brave, sleeps with it, partying, it is one of his favorite amusements and his most faithful love ", This ring inspired by Sugar Skulls is a sparkling tribute to the color and joie de vivre of the Mexican people and this festive relationship to death. Imposing in size, engraved with many symbols and messages, adorned with crystals Thierry Martino and SoulFetish have decided to show the extent of their creativity and their know-how acquired over more than 20 years.
Material Silver .925
Weight60.00 grWidth40.00 mm

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