Each year, Thierry Martino designs and creates a new collection in homage to Harley Davidson®, entitled the ‘Harley Davidson® Jewelry by Thierry Martino’. Each new piece is made in honour of the H-D® legend and out of pride for the biker’s lifestyle, lover of the beauties of Milwaukee.


Thierry Martino grew up in the South of France, at a time when Japanese motorcycles dominated the market, and having a Harley® was a sign of difference, which did not displease Thierry. The long haired roughs of the 70s and their noisy engines nourished this neighbourhood child’s dreams of reckless freedom. The late 80s brought with them the very first Harley®, a 1200 Sportster, the beginning of a long series.


In 1999, Thierry Martino creates the SoulFetish brand and begins carving the first of his silver rings for himself and his biker friends. So, when in 2008 the ‘Motor Company’ suggested he create Harley-Davidson® jewellery, it naturally became the most gratifying day of his professional life. “Each collection is a new gesture in honour of the Harley® legend. It is always with pride that I represent through my jewellery the fraternity of the lovers of freedom, the Harley-Davidson® bikers.”



You can view the entire Harley Davidson Jewelry online catalogue by clicking here: Harley Davidson®Jewelry by Thierry Martino